Hands-free DevOps

To be competitive in today’s world you must deliver new, web-based applications, quickly. To remain competitive you must continuously release new capabilities and bug fixes, even as you are developing and deploying more applications.

Companies such as Google and Facebook accomplish this by aligning development and IT using modern DevOps principles, and by building containerized applications and microservices that can be quickly and easily deployed to powerful, cloud-based, DevOps platforms. Importantly, many of the underlying software components used in these platforms are available via open-source software projects.

However, this “free software” isn’t really free: You’ll need to divert some of your development resources away from the work that really matters—developing your applications—to implementing this open-source software.

Instead, let Eldarion help you achieve and maintain the same competitive advantages with DevOps services and consulting, packaged with a powerful, new, DevOps Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

A Unique and Powerful Combination

Eldarion Cloud is a combination of expert, white-glove DevOps services, and as-needed application development consulting, packaged with a new, highly-scalable PaaS that’s powered by Kubernetes, CoreOS, and Docker — widely-adopted open-source software systems used by many organizations today.

To this we’ve added Kel (and Kel plug-ins), a layer of Eldarion-developed open-source tools and components that make it easy for us to maintain and optimize the system for you at an affordable price point.

We have chosen Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Eldarion Cloud, but deployments on Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure may be requested. Private cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments are also possible.

Eldarion® Cloud is powered by Kubernetes, Docker, and CoreOS. We add Kel to make it easier for us to tune the platform for your applications.

As-needed Application Development

The Eldarion team is comprised of DevOps professionals as well as web application developers. When needed, our Django / Python, Node.js, and React.js experts are available to augment your development team.

We can also extend or customize your Eldarion Cloud deployment to meet the specific needs of your applications.

Getting Started

Getting started with Eldarion Cloud is easy. Each Eldarion Cloud engagement is kicked-off with a DevOps Workshop. If you choose to go forward with an Eldarion Cloud deployment the cost of the workshop will be credited towards your subscription.

While we typically tailor the workshop to your specific needs, we will generally:

  • Identify potential performance bottlenecks
  • Identify high-support areas
  • Identify potential security risks
  • Identify the ideal service architecture for your DevOps platform

If there are issues with performance, security, or maintenance we will provide a list of recommendations for remediation.

Even if you choose not to proceed with an Eldarion Cloud subscription the DevOps Workshop will help you define your strategy in clear and measurable goals and objectives while providing valuable insights into your DevOps needs.

Code What Matters

With Eldarion Cloud your developers can focus on your applications while we handle DevOps for you. You’ll gain, and keep, a competitive edge while your competitors struggle with application development and DevOps.

Eldarion Cloud is available in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, or on-premises variants so you can choose the approach that best fits your needs.

Try “hands-free DevOps” today or speak with an Eldarion DevOps professional to learn more!

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